Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Care Agency

We have compiled the following questions that you should ask when it comes to choosing a care agency.

a. Is the agency licensed as a Home Health Care Agency?
b. Does the agency screen and select caregivers prior to the assignment?
c. Who owns the agency and how long has it been in business?
d. Does the agency hire their own caregiver’s verses independent contractors?
e. Does the agency adhere to state and federal guidelines in employment practices, such as: withholding required taxes, providing workers compensation, conduct background and reference checks, conducts drug screening before and during hire?
f. Does the agency develop and individualized care plan along with the client and the family?
g. Does the agency have 24/7 on-call availability?
h. Does the agency provide a registered nurse to supervise, monitor and make regular visits to the client’s home?
i. Does the agency manage all payroll and employee related matters?
j. How does the agency recruit their caregivers?
k. Should a scheduling conflict occur, are there trained back-up caregivers?
l. Can the agency provide references and a copy of their state license?
m. Is the agency privately owned, is it a franchise or a national chain?

(Most of these questions are requirements for membership of the National Private Duty Association)

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