Certified Nurse Aides / Home Health Aides…to provide Personal care and assist with daily living needs.


Caring for your family member can be challenging even under the best circumstances. When our loved ones are no longer safe to live alone or have about the ability to care for themselves, it can be difficult for our loved to face this reality. Conflicts often arise making care giving stressful. The care managers at Barr Private Care have the expertise to help you through these demanding times.

Barr care managers have the experience and the objectivity to help guide you through the process of making these critical decisions. We will make a home visit and make a complete needs assessments. A care plan is developed from our complete assessment. Click here to learn more >


As a licensed home health care agency Barr Private Care accepts long term health care insurance for services provided. A Registered Nurse will visit it with you and develop an individualized care plan, and process the paper work. The accounting department will bill the insurance company and along with the billing will include all the appropriate paper work required by the long term insurance company, i.e.; copies of the caregiver’s time sheets, and monthly supervisory visits with updates on health status from the nurse. Also included will be any information from the patient’s doctor or health care provider. Your insurance provider will then send payment either to you or directly to BARR Private Care. Services include all listed care services.


BARR Private Care works closely with Home Heath Care and Hospice companies. Our trained caregivers understand that making decisions regarding recovery, serious illness and terminal illness can be difficult and emotional for families. By providing care in addition to the services offered from Home Health Care and Hospice, allows family members with piece of mind and assurance that their loved one is receiving quality care while allowing the family to have their time with their loved one.


Personal care service allows you and your loved one “piece of mind” knowing that they can stay at home and “age in place” the ultimate goal to stay home. By providing in home services of care you can go about your normal day to day routine with out worry, knowing that your loved one is receiving excellent care from an experienced, trained and trusted caregiver. Every case has a Registered Nurse create an individualize care plan and is supervised on an ongoing basis. Click here to learn more >


Temporary care for a loved one who’s primary care giver is a family member and the family member needs to have a short leave of absence or your loved one is recovering from surgery, a broken bone, or illness. Our temporary service includes all of our other services. Click here to learn more >

Certified Nurse Aides | Home Health Aides

to provide personal care and assist with daily living needs.

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